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Virtual Practice Manager

Dental Insurance Eligibility and Treatment Planning takes away the valuable time from your practice. Let Virtual Practice Manager take over so your team can focus on the patients.

Combining Technology

Combining technology and cost-effective teams to lower costs.

Easy Customization

Lowers staff overhead while increasing office space.


Frees up time, so your staff can engage with patients.


We're all about space

Virtual Practice Manager seamlessly integrates with healthcare systems to provide real-time eligibility functionality. From patient cost estimations to dental scrubbing our customers process millions of cases per month resulting in billions of dollars in healthcare services annually.


Feature-rich, yet elegant

Virtual Practice Manager takes the hassle out of managing your space. If you’re looking to save time, reduce administration and increase usage, you’ve come to the right place!

Our clients say

“Since we started using the program we created with Tiburon our customer service has excelled, our staff can focus on the clients, and I have lowered my costs. The amount of value it has created for my practice is something I would want for all businesses.”
David Ching, DMD
Pediatric Dentistry Associates

Frequently asked questions

*If there is an agreement between your practice and Virtual Practice Manager, there is no violation. Per HIPAA regulations, your practice will sign an agreement with us, making us an employee of your organization. *This needs to be fact checked.

Depending on the size of the practice, VPM can save an average $300-500/mo or even more.

Outsourcing your office management allows you to have more office space, increase the customer service by eliminating time-consuming tasks, allows your staff to focus solely on the patient, and it will reduce your costs.

The average cost for an employee in the U.S. is between $12-14 an hour. Once you add medical, payroll, and other benefits it can be as high as an additional 20%. Letting Virtual Practice Manager take over, will relieve your business of these costs.

None of your data ever leaves your office. Nothing is ever written, transmitted, processed or stored. All your data that is viewed, encrypted with an extra layer of security.

If you are not currently a Dentrix user and use another practice management system, we can sit down and understand eligibility is determined by your carriers. Virtual Practice Manager is an adaptable program and can be tailored to your office’s needs.