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Hammerulo's Year-End Celebration

A highlight of each year for the Hammerulo Data Corporation team is our anniversary celebration. And this year’s event was no exception.

About the Event

11 years and going strong

As many of our team members are working remotely, they are always eager to get together to catch up with their friends, colleagues, and management for fun.

Held at The Greenery Bulacan, a great day and evening were had by all, as you can see in the photos – with great food, a few drinks, karaoke, and special mentions to our key team members that keep everything running.

Everyone was there, including Hammerulo’s founding partners, David and Mike. With Mike making the trip from the USA now that travel is again possible after the pandemic.

Our management and team members successfully shifted to remote working conditions at the beginning of the pandemic. Using the best collaborative tools available, a structured process for team project tasks, daily stand-up, and weekly town hall meetings, our productivity has increased significantly during this time.

While many companies reduced their size during the pandemic, our team expanded by well over 300%, so for some, the recent celebration was their first time being with the whole Hammerulo team.

Our company culture encourages your career advancement and includes mentoring by experienced team members who will help you to broaden your skillset to achieve even greater goals.

And as you can see you will have a whole lot of fun!