Getting started with Tiburon Data: What to Expect

Step 1: Gather Project Requirements and Discuss Goals

During this discovery process,  you will meet with our team to explain your project goals and business model. We will help to analyze and asses your objectives, explore solutions, and discuss available options.

Step 2: Estimate Project Costs , Resources, and Timeline

Based on what was learned from the joint discovery process, our team will develop a high level proposal of estimated costs, business resources required, and timeline for starting, delivering and maintaining your project.

Step 3: Master Service Agreement, Scope of Work, Rates, and Payment Schedule

After reviewing the project estimate with you, we will prepare a Master Service Agreement (MSA), Scope of Work (SOW) document, Rate Schedule, and Payment Schedule for sign offs and approvals.

Step 4: Project Planning and Resource Scheduling

After approval of the MSA and SOW and initial payment, our team will begin a detailed documentation of project requirements broken down into individual tasks to determine any additional information required or clarification questions.* Once the full scope of the project tasks are understood and a roadmap developed, the availability of the needed team resources can be identified and their availability scheduled.

*This process can take weeks to complete and may also, in some instances, require amendments to the SOW and adjustments to project costs and timeline estimates.

Step 5: Project Kickoff

Congratulations, your project is ready to go! We've dotted all our "I's" and crossed all our "T's" – tasks have been prepared and scheduled, a roadmap and deliverable dates have been determined, team leads and  team resources have been assigned and scheduled. Time to schedule a kickoff meeting, introduce  you to your project team, establish the communication and feedback process, and get started!

Step 6: Meetings, Roadmap, and Project Delivery

Tiburon follows an Agile business process that includes Weekly Sprint Planning and Daily Standup meetings with our project teams. As the project roadmap progresses, we maintain close communication and feedback with you to stay on track with project costs, timelines, and delivery dates. We also understand that changes and improvement requests are a part of an evolving project and can impact both project cost and deadline. Our goal is to track and manage these requests and keep you informed of the financial and timeline impact while strategizing with you how to best deliver changes as efficiently as possible.