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Virtual Travel

Discover Tiburon’s process and the technologies involved in developing the enterprise application for the Huvr virtual travel platform.
Huvr App - Huvr - Huvr app mockup.

A real-time Virtual Travel App that gives you the power and control to explore the world around you

Huvr connects Virtual Travelers to human Huvr Walkers in real-time, with thousands of destinations you can visit from your smartphone.

Huvr Pro, built for businesses, is a real-time video streaming & marketing platform connecting brands to their audience via virtual tours, events, and customized experiences.

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The Huvr team brought their concept and vision to Tiburon to make it a reality – read on to discover what was involved in developing their successful platform.

The Vision

  • A real-time global virtual travel platform that gives the viewer the ability and control to explore the world from afar.
  • Integrated web and mobile applications for walkers and travelers.
  • Live video call conferencing between Huvr’s walkers and travelers.
  • Integrated booking and payment engine.
  • Scheduling of on-demand travel, for groups and private trips.
  • Extending the platform to businesses with Huvr Pro – real-time video streaming & marketing platform that connects brands to their audience.


  • With our extensive expertise in developing enterprise software solutions we were called upon by the Huvr team to provide an end-to-end solution to make their vision a reality.
  • To successfully achieve the client’s vision for the platform – the solution needed to utilize leading-edge technologies and infrastructure.
  • The solution needed to integrate several external services and AWS cloud architecture.
  • Our development team was excited by the challenge, and with our custom agile development process, we developed the solution quickly at the best possible cost.
Huvr-Pro - Huvr - Overview of huvr pro dashboard.

Services Provided

  • Enterprise Software Development for Web and Mobile
  • iOS & Android Mobile Apps UI – UX Design
  • Cloud Platform Engineering
  • External Platform Integrations – Stripe, Vonage, Google APIs
  • Application Maintenance and Tuning

Development Framework

The Huvr web application was built using ReactJS.
The mobile app was architected using React Native, with the back-end using PHP with Laravel framework.

Integrated Technology

Both web and mobile applications integrate with various services through external APIs and utilize AWS Cloud infrastructure for hosting.

  • Vonage – live video call conferencing between walkers and travelers
  • Google Firebase – real-time notifications, social authentication, and database hosting
  • Google APIs – Google Timezone API and Google Maps API for geolocation
  • Stripe Connect – Payments and Payouts
  • AWS Cloud Infrastructure – SaaS Application Hosting

Development Process

The development team followed Tiburon’s custom agile methodology which consists of daily standup meetings, scrum sprints, and a disciplined change management process.

Tiburon’s JIRA process was used to prioritize sprints, organize backlogs and manage workload. Sprint commitments were treated as deliverable deadlines and burn-down charts were reviewed in each standup meeting on a daily basis.


The team estimated their tasks using story points. The velocity was tracked throughout the project to measure the progress and to ensure that the project stayed on schedule.

The Application

The web and mobile apps went live in late 2021, with the Huvr Pro client and reseller program following in early 2022.

The Huvr platform continues to grow its user base and add even more advanced features geared toward brands to expand their consumer reach and education establishments so students can discover and see the world in real-time.

The apps are available for iOS and Android – take a look!

Huvr App - Huvr - Huvr app mockup.

Select an inspiring destination.


Connect with a real person.


Go live, or schedule a trip for later.


Access your trip anytime.


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