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Fulfilling healthcare jobs + Stress-free staffing = Exceptional patient care. That’s the SnapCare Promise.

The #1 Healthcare Workforce Platform in the U.S.

SnapCare stands as the leading healthcare workforce platform in the U.S., revolutionizing the connection between healthcare facilities and clinicians. Their technology enabled platform streamlines the staffing process, ensuring optimal matches that promote exceptional patient care.

The SnapCare Story

Healthcare Credentialing

Key Features of SnapCare:

  • Diverse Service Offerings: SnapCare provides comprehensive staffing solutions including permanent placements, PRN, contract positions, and managed services, tailored to meet current healthcare demands.
  • Innovations in Staffing: As pioneers in Instant Credentialing and Same-Day Pay, SnapCare removes administrative barriers, allowing clinicians to focus on patient care.
  • National Presence: With a vast network of over 380,000 clinicians, SnapCare fills positions swiftly across the U.S., boasting an average deployment time of just 8 days.

SnapCare has earned the Joint Commission Gold Seal of Approval, affirming their commitment to the highest standards in healthcare staffing.

The Need

SnapCare had just started its new healthcare staffing platform across the US, and it quickly began to flourish. With SnapCare’s expanding platform facing increased demand during the pandemic, they sought a solution for rapid and efficient credentialing while maintaining the highest standards required by the medical industry.


Amid rapid expansion and increased demands from the pandemic, SnapCare required a robust credentialing solution to keep up with the increased demand on its platform. They needed a solution capable of supporting near-instant credentialing across various healthcare sectors.

Confronted with challenges in rapidly sourcing and training staff to meet the surging demand for credentialing, SnapCare turned to Tiburon for our comprehensive talent acquisition and training services. Our task was to assemble and train a skilled team, and to implement the solution both promptly and flawlessly.

Our Solution

Tiburon swiftly mobilized to meet SnapCare’s urgent needs, rapidly assembling and training a skilled credentialing team. We carefully selected talents to ensure stringent verification of medical staff credentials, a critical requirement for SnapCare. Implementing scalable processes, we expanded the team to over 100 members, adapting to accommodate the evolving needs of SnapCare’s platform.




Tiburon's Services

To meet SnapCare’s requirements, Tiburon’s multifaceted services included:

Assemble and Train

Assemble and train a specialist credentialing team.

Manage the Team

Manage and monitor the team to provide professional services to the highest industry standards.

Develop A Process

Develop a process for accurate and secure reporting.

Rapid Scalability

Rapid training and onboarding to meet the increased demands on the platform
The Outcome

SnapCare achieved significant growth through Tiburon’s expedited verification services, which streamlined the credentialing of healthcare workers.

Amid the rapid spread of the pandemic in the United States, this capability proved crucial for SnapCare’s operational expansion, profitability, and societal impact.

Credentialing & Administrative Support Teams
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