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Tiburon's Order Management System

Tiburon, a leader in custom software solutions

Partnered with a prominent multi-channel wholesaler in the USA to address the challenges associated with managing orders from diverse retailers.

Let’s explore the complexities of wholesale order processing, Tiburon’s unique approach to solving the problem, and the transformative impact of the Order Management System (OMS) developed by Tiburon.

Order Processing
Challenges in Wholesale Order Processing:

Wholesale suppliers face a myriad of challenges when processing orders from retailers with varying systems and methods of order submission. Some retailers utilize sophisticated internal systems, while others rely on manual methods such as emails or faxes. This fragmented approach leads to inefficiencies, delays, and the risk of errors in order processing.

Unique Custom Solution
Tiburon's Approach to the Problem:

Tiburon conducted in-depth research into the complexities of wholesale order processing, analyzing industry best practices and studying how other companies tackle similar scenarios. Leveraging modern technologies and methodologies, Tiburon devised a unique custom solution to streamline the order management process across all levels.

Tiburon's Customized Solution:
Benefits of Tiburon's OMS:
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