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Creating an Automated End-to-End System for HiredHelpr

Project Overview

Scope of Work

  • Enterprise Web Application
  • iOS & Android Mobile Apps UI – UX Design
  • Offline / Low-Bandwidth Functionality
  • Time Sensitive Payment and & Processing
  • Image Analysis & Recognition

Process Automation through Intelligent Design

We designed HiredHelpr using modern technologies to provide a rich user experience with various features such as image recognition using high-level artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities for the purpose of verification. This strategy has transformed the overall process of manual approval to an automated structure which, ultimately, makes the operation flow more efficiently and effectively and saves both time and money.

Creating an Automated End-to-End System

The HiredHelpr app was launched in July of 2020.. It consists of over 400 mobile screens and has listed over 200 service professional pool cleaners and over 1,000 enterprise properties to date.
HiredHelper is accessible and available via its web and mobile applications. The mobile app is available in both Apple Store and Google Play

Agile Building Process

Both the HiredHelpr web application and the associated mobile application manage the full lifecycle of the service and relationship, from choosing a professional pool cleaner to managing the quality of the job performed to processing all payments and fees involved.


Development Framework

The HiredHelpr web application was built with PHP, Laravel, and AngularJS. The mobile app was architected using the Ionic framework with a Laravel back-end and an AngularJS front-end.
The mobile app utilizes AWS Rekognition to analyze photos uploaded by the pool cleaners for verification and approval.


External API Integration

Both the web and mobile applications are directly integrated with Stripe Connect for payment processing and QuickBooks API’s for bookkeeping and accounting. and Google Maps API were utilized to provide in-app messaging and geolocation services, respectively.


The Development Process

The development team followed Tiburon’s custom agile methodology which consists of daily standup meetings, scrum sprints and a disciplined change management process.

Tiburon’s JIRA process was used to prioritize sprints, organize backlogs and manage workload. Sprint commitments were treated as deliverable deadlines and burn-down charts were reviewed in each standup meeting on a daily basis. The team estimated their tasks using story points. The velocity was tracked throughout the project to measure the progress and to ensure that the project stayed on schedule.

The team met with the client stakeholders on a daily basis which overall guaranteed regular communication and a flexible yet efficient reassessment of the plans as necessary.

AWS Application Infrastructure

The HiredHelpr applications utilize Amazon Web Services cloud infrastructure across all stages of development, testing, and production.

The application is balanced on geographically distributed EC2 and RDS instances using S3 buckets and CloudFront services in an auto-scaled environment configured for high availability and efficient distribution.

AWS Recognition services are used to automate the processing of images uploaded in the app. Pipelines are used in the staging environment to facilitate continuous integration / continuous deployment and CloudWatch services are used for monitoring and alerting.

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